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More from Hugh Freeze on Media Days




Allow me to peel back the curtain a bit for you. 


They aren't as common as we sports writers would like them to be, but there are times when we have so many solid quotes that we can't possibly fit them all into the story we are writing. Sometimes you see writers simply tweet about them or save them for a later date. 


Given the mania around Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze's appearance at SEC Media Days today, I figured I'd just give those to you now instead. 


I just got done writing the main story on Ole Miss that you'll see in tomorrow's Dispatch. (Or posted online here on cdispatch.com when the powers that be go about that.) Of course you'll see quotes from Freeze in that story, but there is certainly more. So, here is more from Freeze. 


- Facing adversity is something that we're familiar with. It's kind of been around us for a while now, and I sure will be glad for the day to when I can stand here and it's not. It provides us, though, with a growing season. You have an opportunity to model for young men that are at an age where they get to see how does a man go through adversity. If we have our preference, we would rather have it without that part of it, but we do, and it's the lot that we have inherited and that we have caused, in some cases, and we've got to make the most of it. 


- Some of the greatest examples that they've given, not a single kid has left the program. That says to me that something is right inside the walls, between the relationships that we have with our coaches and our players. 


- The family is maybe the most difficult part. It's just -­the social media world is - some of it can be true, some of it can not be true, and, unfortunately, kids my kids' age seem to always know what's going on on it. And I've kind of gotten to a point now where I'm almost callous, and really you focus on the people I can control loving on is my wife and kids, my mom and dad and my family, my brothers and sisters and those, and then the friends I have that know me for who I am, then your players and the Ole Miss people. And that's kind of the mindset that I've just gotten into. That's not quite as easy for your kids. And so it has taken a toll on that, and it's made me be much more intentional about conversations that you have with them about life, about good times, bad times. 


- I think you have to come back to what I want my legacy to be, and that doesn't get to be determined probably from 20 years from now. I do have a plan of this is what I would like to be known as and to be known for doing. And I've got all that written down. And I've got to make sure - the only thing I can control is not how people view me because they read some article or they perceive something to be this way, what I can control is doing everything today that gets me the result that I want 20 years from now from the people that really matter. And, you know, I've had to come to grips with that; that everybody's not going to come around to that. So, who is really important to me, and let me do today what will help me get that result in 20 to 30 years. 


- You know, it's - I've said all along that the whole scope of college athletics, particularly football in the South, is so big and very difficult to manage, all the tentacles that it has, I think, again, that you, as the CEO, the head coach, we've got to continue daily looking at ways that we can monitor our compliance system. I need help with that, and you got to have a great relationship with our compliance department. And obviously educating your boosters is huge. And we've constantly, throughout this four to five years, just constantly adding things to that to make sure that you've been very responsible as the CEO to make sure you're doing everything within your power. Is it possible to always do everything? I don't know. But it's a difficult task. It's a tall task because there's so much stuff to manage and so many people that you're not around or may not even know, but we've been challenged with the task as the head coach that we have got to set the tone and then monitor it properly.



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