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Twitter Mailbag: MSU sweep and some weirdness




I'm going to be real with you, this might be the most fun Twitter Mailbag I've had since I got here. Shoutout to all of you for the questions, especially the ones that followed the #LetsGetWeird mantra of asking non-MSU questions. 


First, let's get the non-question out of the way. @Wx_Isaac (as some of you may remember from his time as a meteorologist for WCBI) says, "more cowbell." 


Well, the next cowbell I own will be my first, something my buddy Isaac -- a PROUD owner of a graduate degree from Mississippi State University -- cannot claim. (Isaac and I go way back: the man played the keyboard as my wife walked down the aisle.) 


A slightly MSU-related question comes from @calebgray, another personal friend, who asks, "When will the 'dogs start wearing the full chrome glow in the dark unis of your dreams?" 


This is clearly a dig at my (previously discussed)...let's call it...wide...range of affection for almost any new uniform released in the college sports world in the last 10 years. 


What he doesn't know (until now) is, I'm taking his question and running with it, because I'm a uniform nerd. 


People realize that MSU's chrome helmet game is incredible, right? The chrome bulldog prints on the sides of the helmets with the chrome facemasks to boot? Should wear them four or five times a year, in my opinion. Just imagine that chrome white lid on top of maroon jerseys/pants and tell me that's not a winner. 


A full-on MSU question comes from @lounge_dawg: "How much should we look into this sweep of Tennessee?" 


The short answer: Don't hesitate to enjoy it, please, but there's reason to believe this should be taken with a grain of salt. 


After spending a significant amount of time over the last couple of days waxing poetic on the offensive exploits last weekend (go check it out in the Sports section of this here website!), I took it upon myself to go look at Tennessee's pitching numbers before coming to Starkville to see what it had accomplished here. It may not be much. 


Coming into the series, Tennessee's 3.37 earned run average was 11 th in the conference. Then you look at other statistics such as walks allowed, runs allowed and see that Tennessee is near the top of the conference and wonder what's happening, and here's the deal: Tennessee only got 12 non-conference games in before SEC play. Those numbers are on much fewer games than most of its SEC brethren, so the per game numbers would probably drop Tennessee to middle of the pack or worse in the conference. 


All of that is not to say that Tennessee is a bad baseball team -- none in the SEC are bad in the grand scheme of college baseball. The easiest way to say this might be, I think I could argue it's harder to beat Ole Miss two of three than it is to sweep Tennessee. 


Finally, @jaynaron_ asks, "Did you find a men's league team that needed your versatility?" (I swear on all that is holy, I did not ask him to send this question.) 


First of all, shoutout to Jay, his baller son Jaylon and Sterlington, Louisiana. Go Panthers. 


No, Jay, I have not. And it's unfortunate, as I miss playing pickup basketball pretty badly. I've even tried to start up the conversation on the beat with student reporter Taylor Rayburn and others about getting some games going with those of us on the beat, currently to no avail. 


My sources tell me MSU's baseball SID, my man Piper, used to organize some of such pickup games in the past in the practice facility, but has not done so in a while. I wonder if he can sense my impending dominance in such games and has decided to save everyone the trouble...



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