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A Stone's throw: Happy New Year




Well, it is that time of year again, time to make New Year's resolutions: lose weight (especially after all the holiday goodies,) stop smoking, get more exercise, control your temper, be more patient, smile more, read better books, whatever you think you need to do to make yourself a better, and perhaps happier, person.  


Personally, I think I'll skip all those difficult challenges and focus on a ten step program I came across recently that Dr. Robert Gilbert, former Mississippi University Professor and family counselor, gave to some of his friends. It is a lot more appealing than some of those resolutions that just seem to set one up for failure. I had rather start the new year feeling good, being happy. 


It is a brief list, but I cannot presume to improve on it. So this week I think I shall just let him write my column for me, as follows: 




Ten steps to a better day 


1. When you wake up say, "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." 


2. Have only positive thoughts for the first two hours. 


3. Perform some act of kindness during the day. 


4. Make someone feel good about himself. 


5. Give a hug, kiss, or some act of affection. 


6. Set aside a period for worrying. List your worries as they come up, and then worry during worry time. 


7. Refuse to be unkind or mean to someone who has hurt you. 


8. Compliment yourself for some accomplishment or success. 


9. Contemplate the good things that have happened, the successes and the happy, positive moments of the day. 


10. Congratulate yourself on the happy, positive day, for it has radiated to everyone you encountered during the day. 


This works. I have tried it. 


Have a happy new year!



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