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Being Beautiful: Experiencing trendy fashions, DC-Style

Posted 7/26/2014 in Columns

Being Beautiful: Knowing the right questions to ask your hairstylist

Posted 7/19/2014 in Columns

Right after hello, the first thing I ask of all new salon guests is to indulge me in a few basic questions to help me get better acquainted with their hair.


Being Beautiful: The ponytail is no one-trick-pony

Posted 7/5/2014 in Columns

The ponytail is the default hairstyle for most Southern gals, especially in the summer when everything is wilting.


Being Beautiful: Laughing out loud

Posted 6/28/2014 in Columns

I believe it was on an airplane a few years ago that I first met humorist David Sedaris. Well, I didn't meet him exactly, but it sure felt like I did.


Being Beautiful: In praise of the versatile sunflower

Posted 6/21/2014 in Columns

One of the many things my mama and I did to pass the days of my childhood was to meticulously pry open sunflower seeds, licking the salt off the shell first, more often than not sitting side-by-side on her porch swing.


Being Beautiful: Giving new meaning to 'hope springs eternal'

Posted 6/14/2014 in Columns

I knew three things with certainty moments after my four-o'clock flew into the salon sideways in a minivan.


Being Beautiful: Real magnolias for steel magnolias

Posted 6/7/2014 in Columns

I adore magnolias. There's just something magical about the purity of those delicate blooms peeking from the backyard tree through the library windows at me while I write.


Being Beautiful: Doesn't that smile say it all?

Posted 5/24/2014 in Columns

Some women find themselves in angst over whether to bid farewell to those long tresses, but not Kim Arnold. No, ma'am, indeed!


Being Beautiful: I'm in a New York state of mind

Posted 5/17/2014 in Columns

Broadway Nite, Chinatown, Central Park -- the mention of such things might lead you to believe I'm reminiscing about a recent getaway to New York City.


Being Beautiful: Remembering the Ethel to Your Lucy

Posted 5/3/2014 in Columns

I love women. As far back as I can remember, I have always adored them.


Being Beautiful: Watching the woman you want to be emerge

Posted 4/26/2014 in Columns

Settling into my styling chair for the first time, Emily Haxton wasn't the least bit interested in the current edition of Veranda or a petit four, because she was wearing that oh-too-familiar frown of a woman not in love with her hair.


Being Beautiful: Timeless love of mothers and sons, at Easter and always

Posted 4/19/2014 in Columns

As a little boy stepping on my mama's heels, holidays were the most exciting time. I had the kind of mama that moved Heaven and earth for her children, especially at Easter.


Being Beautiful: What do Minnie Pearl and Princess Diana have in common?

Posted 4/12/2014 in Columns

Easter bonnets might very well be a Southern thing, but they're a Southern thing I adore.


Being Beautiful: Pharmacist gets makeover prescription

Posted 4/5/2014 in Columns

Sometimes the best medicine comes from within -- a prescription of peace and tranquility. It also never hurts to add a dose of your favorite stylist to treat those side effects still lingering from a blah winter.


Being Beautiful: Finding the flat iron that's just right for you

Posted 3/29/2014 in Columns

Furry Easter Bunny ears, speckled eggs, baskets galore have been in my peripheral vision this season -- so far. I walked right by them all the other day in my hunt for the perfect flat iron.


Being Beautiful: Fragrance: Personal expressions form lasting impressions

Posted 3/22/2014 in Columns

I am so nostalgic. In fact, I'm often so busy looking back that it's difficult for me to look forward.


Timeless advice from Coco Chanel

Posted 3/15/2014 in Columns

Shanna Head is a lively, youthful spirit with a contagious laugh who fills any room with fun. So when she got spring fever, I did, too! Through several seasons, Shanna has worn her hair long, and much to my surprise she confessed she never had highlights, ever.


Being Beautiful: All eyes on, well, beautiful eyes

Posted 3/9/2014 in Columns

On Sunday, March 2, all eyes were on the flowing Prada gown worn by Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars, but when the lights dimmed, among the movie stars of a certain age, more attention was probably being paid to finding ways to have younger eyes.


Being Beautiful: Getting frostbitten and sunburned on the same day

Posted 3/1/2014 in Columns

The pansies are fading away. The daffodils are almost in full bloom. This could only be a sign that winter is on the way out, making way for spring.


Being Beautiful: Say cheese: 'Selfies' make you the photographer

Posted 2/22/2014 in Columns

The selfie was the Internet craze of 2013, and self-portraits of everyone from the president to Grand Peggy are showing up in my Instagram and Facebook feeds well into 2014.



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