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Being Beautiful: Teen Choice Awards rolls out the blue carpet

Posted 8/16/2014 in Columns

It has been a very long time since I was a teenager, but I got totally into the 2014 Teen Choice Awards last weekend.


Being Beautiful: What do students learn while teachers teach?

Posted 8/9/2014 in Columns

I hold such a tender spot in my heart for teachers.


Being Beautiful: If it's good enough for Cameron Diaz ...

Posted 8/3/2014 in Columns

Perhaps it was to quiet a rambunctious little boy, but one of my dearest memories is when Mama would open up a stick of Juicy Fruit gum and hand it to me -- along with her purse.


Being Beautiful: Experiencing trendy fashions, DC-Style

Posted 7/26/2014 in Columns

Being Beautiful: Knowing the right questions to ask your hairstylist

Posted 7/19/2014 in Columns

Right after hello, the first thing I ask of all new salon guests is to indulge me in a few basic questions to help me get better acquainted with their hair.


Being Beautiful: The ponytail is no one-trick-pony

Posted 7/5/2014 in Columns

The ponytail is the default hairstyle for most Southern gals, especially in the summer when everything is wilting.


Being Beautiful: Laughing out loud

Posted 6/28/2014 in Columns

I believe it was on an airplane a few years ago that I first met humorist David Sedaris. Well, I didn't meet him exactly, but it sure felt like I did.


Being Beautiful: In praise of the versatile sunflower

Posted 6/21/2014 in Columns

One of the many things my mama and I did to pass the days of my childhood was to meticulously pry open sunflower seeds, licking the salt off the shell first, more often than not sitting side-by-side on her porch swing.


Being Beautiful: Giving new meaning to 'hope springs eternal'

Posted 6/14/2014 in Columns

I knew three things with certainty moments after my four-o'clock flew into the salon sideways in a minivan.


Being Beautiful: Real magnolias for steel magnolias

Posted 6/7/2014 in Columns

I adore magnolias. There's just something magical about the purity of those delicate blooms peeking from the backyard tree through the library windows at me while I write.


Being Beautiful: Doesn't that smile say it all?

Posted 5/24/2014 in Columns

Some women find themselves in angst over whether to bid farewell to those long tresses, but not Kim Arnold. No, ma'am, indeed!


Being Beautiful: I'm in a New York state of mind

Posted 5/17/2014 in Columns

Broadway Nite, Chinatown, Central Park -- the mention of such things might lead you to believe I'm reminiscing about a recent getaway to New York City.


Being Beautiful: Remembering the Ethel to Your Lucy

Posted 5/3/2014 in Columns

I love women. As far back as I can remember, I have always adored them.


Being Beautiful: Watching the woman you want to be emerge

Posted 4/26/2014 in Columns

Settling into my styling chair for the first time, Emily Haxton wasn't the least bit interested in the current edition of Veranda or a petit four, because she was wearing that oh-too-familiar frown of a woman not in love with her hair.


Being Beautiful: Timeless love of mothers and sons, at Easter and always

Posted 4/19/2014 in Columns

As a little boy stepping on my mama's heels, holidays were the most exciting time. I had the kind of mama that moved Heaven and earth for her children, especially at Easter.


Being Beautiful: What do Minnie Pearl and Princess Diana have in common?

Posted 4/12/2014 in Columns

Easter bonnets might very well be a Southern thing, but they're a Southern thing I adore.


Being Beautiful: Pharmacist gets makeover prescription

Posted 4/5/2014 in Columns

Sometimes the best medicine comes from within -- a prescription of peace and tranquility. It also never hurts to add a dose of your favorite stylist to treat those side effects still lingering from a blah winter.


Being Beautiful: Finding the flat iron that's just right for you

Posted 3/29/2014 in Columns

Furry Easter Bunny ears, speckled eggs, baskets galore have been in my peripheral vision this season -- so far. I walked right by them all the other day in my hunt for the perfect flat iron.


Being Beautiful: Fragrance: Personal expressions form lasting impressions

Posted 3/22/2014 in Columns

I am so nostalgic. In fact, I'm often so busy looking back that it's difficult for me to look forward.


Timeless advice from Coco Chanel

Posted 3/15/2014 in Columns

Shanna Head is a lively, youthful spirit with a contagious laugh who fills any room with fun. So when she got spring fever, I did, too! Through several seasons, Shanna has worn her hair long, and much to my surprise she confessed she never had highlights, ever.



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