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Adele Elliott: Veracity

Posted 4/12/2014 in Columns

My two favorite cities, Columbus and New Orleans, have much in common.


Adele Elliott: Boom

Posted 4/5/2014 in Columns

We baby boomers have had reasons to be slightly arrogant. For a long time it seemed that the world was spinning beneath our feet. We were like the ballerina in a music box, twirling in front of a mirror that reflected only us.


Adele Elliott: Welcome, pilgrims

Posted 3/29/2014 in Columns

Thank heavens, spring is finally here! This winter will go down in history as one of the most brutal ever. In the Golden Triangle, we had a much easier experience than in other parts of the country. Here, there were no blizzards; massive, icy traffic jams; or loss of power. But, lordy, it was cold.


Adele Elliott: Girl power

Posted 3/22/2014 in Columns

We have probably all heard of Emma Thompson, the glamorous English movie star. Columbus can lay claim to another precious Emma Thompson, this one a recent graduate of The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.


Adele Elliott: Erin go bragh

Posted 3/15/2014 in Columns

Tomorrow we will celebrate the feast day of Saint Patrick, and all things Irish. No matter your provenance, on March 17 everyone may claim to be a child of the Emerald Isle. St. Patrick must have been quite a guy. He is the symbol of Ireland, and credited with driving out snakes.


Adele Elliott: Slippery lips

Posted 3/9/2014 in Columns

"A slip of the lip can sink a ship." That was a well-known axiom during the 1940s, when the world was at war.


Adele Elliott: Laissez les bons temps rouler

Posted 3/1/2014 in Columns

Tuesday, March 4, will be an ordinary day almost every place in the world -- except in New Orleans.


Adele Elliott: What the frack?

Posted 2/22/2014 in Columns

Please tell me that winter is over. Oh, I know the forecast for the coming week predicts that temperatures will drop back into the 20s. But, they could be wrong. Cross your fingers.


Adele Elliott: Bad news

Posted 2/15/2014 in Columns

The press must be overwhelmingly happy these days. There is a mountain of bad news.


Adele Elliott: On the road again

Posted 2/9/2014 in Columns

Chris and I have been without a car, on and off, since Thanksgiving. The only reason that we had food in the house (especially pet food), is because of our generous neighbors, Jyl Barefield and Greg Nayden. They chauffeured us to the grocery, to the Miller Marine party, and to the drugstore to pick up my meds.


Adele Elliott: Put on your walking shoes

Posted 2/1/2014 in Columns

There are some things that are universal to the human experience. These events transcend languages, cultures and eras. Almost everyone will feel love, or joy, or pain, in their lifetime. One of the saddest that we encounter is cancer.


Adele Elliott: Good breeding

Posted 1/25/2014 in Columns

Everyone has an opinion about dogs. From Aristotle to Dave Berry, poets, philosophers, politicians and children have all weighed in on "man's best friend."


Adele Elliott: Oh, the humanity

Posted 1/18/2014 in Columns

Tuesday was officially "Humanitarian Day," an under-recognized and under-publicized event. On this day, we are encouraged to do something nice for a stranger. The catch is that your kindness must be anonymous, if possible.


Adele Elliott: Fear of poetry

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columns

I made a list of subjects that I would not write about this week because I am sick of them.


Adele Elliott: Resolutions for everyone except me

Posted 1/4/2014 in Columns

Welcome to the New Year! I have made it clear that I adopt no resolutions for myself. But, really, don't you know a million people who could use improvement?


Adele Elliott: Not so 'new' resolutions

Posted 12/28/2013 in Columns

Welcome 2014! Oh my, is anyone really ready to face another year? I certainly am not.


Adele Elliott: Celebrating Christmas

Posted 12/21/2013 in Columns

It seems that every holiday has its own traditions. They vary from country to country, even from household to household. Some may have their roots in cultural rituals or folklore, which might seem peculiar to people in other places on the globe. Christmas probably has more than most holidays.


Adele Elliott: The Christmas clock is ticking

Posted 12/14/2013 in Columns

We have just a few more shopping days until Christmas. Are you in panic mode yet? Not to worry. I am here with tons of great last-minute gift ideas.


Adele Elliott: How the glitch stole health care

Posted 11/30/2013 in Columns

"Affordable" health care seems to be on the minds of almost everyone in this country. There is no doubt that it is gravely needed. People are dying from poverty.


Adele Elliott: Thanksgiving

Posted 11/23/2013 in Columns

This week we are probably thinking about the things we are thankful for. My husband, Chris, is grateful for all the wonderful goodies that we will eat, especially turkey sandwiches. I am grateful to our friend Betty Miller, who invited us to share the special Thanksgiving meal with her family.



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