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National Eat a Peach Day: it's a real thing

Posted 8/15/2018 in Food

Nowhere can I find whether the Allman Brothers inspired it or not, but there is actually such a thing as National Eat a Peach Day.


A mural revisited, one more time

Posted 8/11/2018 in Community

Jerry Franks skirted the ravages of time in a deserted hallway of his alma mater, S.D. Lee High School.


Neighborly collaboration: Friends get creative in sweet and savory ways

Posted 8/8/2018 in Food

Sometimes it's all about putting your heads together. In this case, three of them. It happened last year when Michael Dodson, an instructor of biology at Mississippi University for Women since 2009, got to chatting with his apartment complex neighbors, Franco and Makie Lopes.


Project HELP: 'Homeless' doesn't end when school bells ring

Posted 8/4/2018 in Community

Kelli Phelps has been busy. Her Wednesday morning was spent transporting a carload of backpacks, hygiene products, notebooks, cleaning wipes, pencils and other school supplies -- all donations collected by members of the Golden Triangle Association of Realtors.


Art for EB honors Super Gabe, keeps grandparent's pledge

Posted 8/4/2018 in Community

Gabe Valentine of Starkville was born with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare condition causing fragile, blistering skin and other debilitating complications.


Golden Triangle writer brings home RITA Award

Posted 8/4/2018 in Community

Kait Nolan grew up with her nose in books penned by a long list of authors she enjoyed.


It's that time: Lessen the stress of back-to-school

Posted 8/1/2018 in Food

When store displays of beach towels and flip-flops are replaced by three-ring binders and backpacks, change is in the air.


Listen to the dance: Adult tappers let their feet become the instruments

Posted 7/28/2018 in Community

As a little girl, Anna Couch loved tap dancing so much she would tap her way down the grocery store aisles behind her mother.


Patriotism sparks drive for military care packages

Posted 7/28/2018 in Community

With more than 4,000 Mississippi National Guard soldiers currently deployed, people across the state want to show their support.


Lowndes Tomato Battle announces biggest 'mater

Posted 7/28/2018 in Community

The 2018 Lowndes County Tomato Battle has a champion.


August Quick Bites: cool flowers, little critters, apps and crafts

Posted 7/28/2018 in Entertainment

Cool Flowers for Hot Days is the topic leading off August Quick Bites programs for the Mississippi State University Extension Service.


Be cool: Need a cold dish for a hot summer day?

Posted 7/25/2018 in Food

There is a time for steaming bowls of hearty stew and savory chili. This is not it.


A natural fit: This Columbus artist doesn't have to look far for inspiration

Posted 7/21/2018 in Community

Windows were the "decider." To a painter, they were nigh irresistible. Prospective home buyer Jeanette Jarmon knew the minute she stepped through the front door of the bluff-side house a year ago that it should become her new nest.


Alumni chapters to host send-off parties for new MSU students

Posted 7/21/2018 in Community

With student orientation just four weeks away at Mississippi State University, about 60 alumni chapters and clubs are set to host send-off parties for new freshmen and transfer students joining the Bulldog nation.


Mushroom mojo: A Starkville native makes his food world mark with mushroom jerky

Posted 7/18/2018 in Food

Good fortune just smiled on Michael Pan. Viewers of NBC's TODAY show July 10 saw nutrition and wellness contributor Dave Zinczenko showcase a few of his favorites from among about 200,000 items featured at the recent Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City.


Taking command: From small town Mississippi to the military's world stage

Posted 7/14/2018 in Community

As a senior at Aberdeen High School in the spring of 1994, Scott Rowe was named "Most Likely to Succeed." The honor has proven prophetic many times over.


Third Saturdays at Columbus farmers market rev up

Posted 7/14/2018 in Entertainment

Genuine car enthusiasts seldom get enough of admiring vehicles and talking "shop."


Puttin' on the dog: 'Grown up dogs' (and a little history) for National Hot Dog Month

Posted 7/11/2018 in Food

July is National Hot Dog Month, and that sent me digging into the back story of one of America's favorite foods. What an entertaining side trip it was.


Up to speed: Sometimes best friends have four legs ...

Posted 7/7/2018 in Community

Joy Nabors is into speed and precision, into pushing limits with a near half-ton, hairy partner in a sport ruled by athleticism, control and split-second decisions.


Getting inventive: A Golden Triangle innovator is invited to a high stakes show-and-tell

Posted 6/30/2018 in Community

Several years ago, barber John Campbell was sitting on his sofa in Starkville in the wee hours. If the sun had been up, one might have said he was daydreaming. He's done a lot of that since he was 4 years old, he says, pointing toward the framed patents that hang on his wall today.



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