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Memorial Day: One of the last eyewitnesses to D Day looks back

Posted 5/23/2015 in Community

When Joseph R. Johnson landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, June 6, 1944 -- D Day -- he prayed fervently the blessing his daddy had said for him the day he left the farm at 17 for the Army would kick in.


New Stage celebrates state's musical heritage with blues production

Posted 5/23/2015 in Entertainment

The Magnolia State and the blues go hand in hand.


CAC gives music 'A Different Voice'

Posted 5/23/2015 in Community

There are those who speak, look, act, think or communicate differently, but everyone has something valuable to say.


SCT's 'Almost, Maine': it's love ... but not quite

Posted 5/23/2015 in Entertainment

The town of Almost, Maine, is so far north, it's almost not in the United States; it's almost in Canada. And it almost doesn't exist because the townsfolk never got around to getting organized. So, it's just ... Almost.


'Every Mind Matters: Ask the Doctors' event open to the public

Posted 5/23/2015 in Community

May is Mental Health Month. In celebration of it, several agencies will partner to host a panel discussion event Thursday, May 28 in Columbus.


Show your colors: Catch their eye with patriotic biscuits and more festive ideas

Posted 5/20/2015 in Food

As our nation's two most patriotic observances approach -- Memorial Day and Fourth of July -- cooks and hosts out there will turn their thoughts to the feasting that accompanies them.


New roots: A community garden gets an energizing dose of can-do

Posted 5/16/2015 in Community

Not far from the hum of traffic on Starkville's Highway 12 lies a quiet green space. Most people never pass it in the course of their day, never know it's there in the curve on Josey Avenue.


Veterans Memorial walk/run to honor memory of Starkville vet

Posted 5/16/2015 in Community

Judie Holmes is far too familiar with the difficulties some veterans face as they reintegrate to home and community after military service.


Yes MAM Trio offers up a sentimental journey through song

Posted 5/16/2015 in Entertainment

Anna Blassingame and Margaret and Martha Chunn from the Blue Springs area are young in years.


Project CHEW chef: Understand food... and get closer to the dirt

Posted 5/13/2015 in Food

Chef Chris Ellis has taken on a Herculean task: changing a way of thinking.


If I may: Other mothers

Posted 5/9/2015 in Columns

My life has been richer for other mothers -- women whose lifelines crossed mine at an early age.


West Alabama's Freedom Creek announces 2015 lineup

Posted 5/9/2015 in Entertainment

Blues buffs from the Golden Triangle and surrounds look forward to crossing the state line this time of year for a dose of the music they enjoy.


Columbus Choral Society to present Mother's Day concert

Posted 5/8/2015 in Entertainment

The Columbus Choral Society offers a "treat for moms" Sunday -- a Mother's Day concert showcasing not only music, but poetry and anecdotes as well.


Bread of Life: Food pantry helps fill need, builds connections

Posted 5/6/2015 in Food

A chill drizzle fell from the skies on a recent Thursday morning in Columbus. In spite of it, a line of people filled the walkway outside the Bread of Life Food Pantry, patiently waiting for the doors to open.


In art, as in life, not all things can be taken at face value: The incredible tale of art forger Mark Landis

Posted 5/3/2015 in Community

During the past 30 years of his improbable life, Mark Landis of Laurel has been called a philanthropist, a con artist, a benefactor, a criminal.


Loaves and Fishes Gala to support community soup kitchen

Posted 5/3/2015 in Community

The Loaves and Fishes Community Soup Kitchen in Columbus served 18,183 meals in 2014. Volunteers at the heart of the nonprofit ministry expect that number to be even higher this year.


Girlchoir to present evening of home tours, concert

Posted 5/3/2015 in Community

Tours of two impressive homes, catered foods, floral designs and inspiring choral music are in store Saturday, May 9 during "An Evening with the Columbus Girlchoir."


A spring tradition: St. Paul's Church readies for May Luncheon

Posted 4/29/2015 in Food

April showers bring more than May flowers -- they also bring the annual May Luncheon and Bake Sale at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


Market Street vendors prep for festival: Welcome to Kenneth Smith's 'wonderful world of color'

Posted 4/25/2015 in Community

Kenneth Smith is hooked on color. Glass and color.


Visitors from Down Under tour Deep South

Posted 4/25/2015 in Community

Columbus extended Southern hospitality to 27 visitors from Australia this past week.



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